Leila Marie Patzies
Dancer, Choreographer

Leila Marie Patzies (*1994) is a freelance dancer, choreographer, dance facilitator and dance teacher in Berlin.

After completing her high-school diploma in 2014, she began her studies in contemporary dance at Iwanson International in Munich. Here she met Nadine Gerspacher, who motivated her to move to Barcelona, to complete her professional studies at the Varium, and a year later to Palamós, Girona, to be part of the CobosMika Company Seeds training.

During her training she has focused on improvisation, acting and partnering. In addition to her professional studies, Leila has attended international teacher workshops every year, to keep in constant training, and in 2018, she was certified as a Yoga teacher (500hrs) in Rishikesh, India and in Barcelona.

Work Experience

Leila was able to gain experience as a dancer with choreographers such as Sasa Queliz (member of Sasha Waltz & Guest's), Rosalind Holgate Smith, Anima May, Nano Luque, Marc Vilajuana, Claudia Reig, Nahuel Barrios, Reinaldo Ribeiro, Daniel Rosado & Peter Mika.

At the same time, she started her first independent production, Why Death Was Just Death with Aladino R. Blanca (Sasha Waltz & Guest's) as mentor. Through the scholarship DisTanzen Solo from Dachverband Tanz, she received the opportunity to lead the project as choreographer, dancer and producer at the same time. It is a multimedia piece in which an interplay of partly improvised dance, live music and projections meet. Why Death Was Just Death was performed at the Zukunst Berlin festival in 2021 and 2022 as part of Nah Dran at the ada.studios Berlin.

Mutual support, knowledge exchange and the associated enrichment are very important to Leila. Due to the long-standing friendship and the shared passion for dance, the piece A Religious Mating was created in 2021 in collaboration with Nano Luque. It was premiered in Barcelona and is continuously developed by both artists. In 2022 Leila started a new collaboration with Dennis Krauss and developed the choreography for a performative piece for three singers to be performed at Uferstudios Berlin.

Through the scholarship Distanzen, received 2023 from the Dachverband Tanz, she is currently beginning her research on the topic of Sustainable, artistic growth through group coherence?. It is about countering the fast pace of dance productions, the rehabilitation of dancers after injury and the need for a safe environment to return to professional dance.

Work ethic and inspiration

Leila usually starts working through improvisation, which often develops into more solid patterns later on. She uses imagination to create images that connect to feelings, to develop movements and explore their qualities. She finds inspiration in everyday objects and in nature. Among other things, Leila films them and later uses them in the form of projections in performance.

Texts, films, images and sounds are wild inspirations for her. Especially films by Jodorowsky and literature by Murakami. She likes to collaborate with artists within and outside the dance field, from dance styles other than contemporary, to visual art, industrial design and many more. Two people who have inspired her the most are Edivaldo Ernesto and Judith Sanchez Ruiz. The first, Edivaldo, works with very physical improvisation in conjunction with breathing. Through Depth Movement, Leila learned to push her limits again and again, to expand them and to transform herself. The latter, Judith, uses letting go and the functionality of the body/bones (Functionality and Perspective in Dance), as well as exploring the uncertain and instinct (Your Own God).

Feeling and playing with these techniques and the role of gravity inside and outside the floor have inspired her dance and choreography immensely. Recreating everyday situations in a performative context and transferring the multiple layers to the language of the body motivates her. A collaborative way of working, in which every member of the group is heard and seen, is essential to Leila.


Leila believes in a horizontal teaching method. She encourages her students to listen to themselves and to inhabit the space fully. No matter the age, through playfulness precision can be found.

Currently she’s teaching Contemporary, Improvisation and Instant Composition, Dance for Children and Yoga at Papillon Tanzstudios, Volkshochschule Pankow, Flow Motion and on project basis for Kinder Kultur Monat Berlin.

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Pieles Permeables

Research Collective

with the aim to create a safe space in the Berlin dance scene based on sustainable, artistic growth through group coherence.

Funded by: Neustart Kultur and Dis-Tanzen, Dachverband Tanz


A Religious Mating

Collective Naila (Nano Luque and Leila Patzies)

Concept: Nano Luque

Choreographic directors: Collective Naila

Original music: Borna Kafaie & Elias Fabré

Performers: Nano Luque & Leila Patzies


Why Death Was Just Death

Funded by Dis-Tanzen, Dachverband Tanz

Concept, Choreography, Dance: Leila Patzies

Music: Bláthin Eckhardt & Borna Kafaie

Projection: Kristopher Guarniz


The Shape Of A Dream

Sasa Queliz

Performers: Jay Park, Cecilia Bartolino,
Felipe Fizkal, Pamela Moraga, Leila Patzies,
Yujin Jeong, Elizaveta Poliakova, Francisco Bejerano



Direction: Anima May

Performers: Leila Patzies, Breanne Saxton, Greta Schuster



Amaya Murgui

Performers: Nahuel Barrios and Leila Patzies


Gente haciendo cosas en bucle y a veces no

Direction: Marc Vilajuana

Performers: Leila Marie Patzies, Paz Marciano, César Fuentes, Lucia Carrano, Ruth Morata